June 8 - 10, 2018
Virginia Beach, VA

Beach Tennis USA

BEACH TENNIS USA, the national governing body for beach tennis will be setting up numerous beach tennis courts for the public to try this new sport. Easy-to-play, and so much fun, Beach Tennis combines the best aspects of volleyball, tennis and paddleball. THE BALL DOES NOT BOUNCE IN BEACH TENNIS! It is All-Volleys all the time. People of all ages and athletic ability can play. The game can be enjoyed at an intense competitive level, or recreationally among family members and friends.

The sport is played with a paddle made of fiberglass, carbon fiber or wood. The court size is the same as a sand volleyball court (26 ft by 52 ft) but the net height is only 5 foot 7 inches. The sport can be played as singles, doubles or even 3 on 3. The ball used for Beach Tennis is a de-compressed tennis ball.

Spectators and participants at NASSC can come by the beach tennis courts at 19th St. and try the sport all weekend long. In addition, there will be exhibitions and clinics will be given. Teams participating in NASSC can reserve court time at the Beach Tennis area to team the game and play mini-tournaments among themselves by contacting jlorenzo@beachtennisusa.net. The cost is free for NASSC players and their families.

Visit beachtennisusa.net and ITFtennis.com for more information or call 516-328-0000 with any questions or ideas.

Beach Tennis USA